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My time @VMware (A Love Story)

So, I’m sure I’ve made it very apparent over the past couple months that I made a transition in jobs. I left Dell Services and became a Sr. Pre-Sales SE in the NSBU @VMware. I knew since I started working with VMware products that I would eventually like to work at the “mothership”. I had always heard nothing but great things about the company. After my first couple months in, I can tell you insider information. It’s even better than anyone ever said.

The people, the products, all of it. I never thought I would join the NSX team. I always thought it was one of the coolest products, but didn’t think I fit the mold for the SE role in NSBU. I was wrong. There is no mold. Everyone I have met and worked with so far has been more than helpful in getting me up to speed. I’ve been offered more training than I could possibly take in 5 lifetimes. And I’ve tried to take all of it.


I’ve spent two weeks this month in Palo Alto. If you’ve never been to the headquarters of a tech company in the Bay Area, you’re missing out. The VMware campus is brilliant. Nested in the hills. The sprawling campus is covered in beautiful trees, long walking paths, employees w/ their dogs, and even turtles! The company has gone a LONG way to ensure that employees are happy. Food options for every diet, fresh fruit weekly, bagel / pastry days, coolers full of all types of drinks for all types of tastes, and snacks for all types of tastes as well! My family flew in to town for the last few days, and my wife was floored. As a public school teacher from a smaller district in Texas, she never imagined company HQ’s could be this way. Her exact quote was, “Stupid-Crazy Big.” My daughter enjoyed the cupcakes 🙂

As some of you have seen, I have stock-piled a small hoard of Certifications in my time here. As I work for VMware, their certs are… affordable. They provide me the opportunity to go for the certs I have been studying on, for such a long while. It was just cost prohibitive before. I have been pushed and encouraged to go for the gold. My overall career goal right now is VCDX. My boss is a double-VCDX (DCV, NV). While he can steer my career in the right direction for this goal, he can’t directly be involved as he is a panelist. I also have a crew of VCDX’s that I know that have all advised that they are willing to help in any way possible. Being at VMware, I’ll have the best opportunities to study, attempt, and complete my goal. I have a great team around me and behind me to get me to the end goal.

Other than VCDX, which is my overall goal, CCNA is next on my plate. I am going to put my nose to the grind-stone to get this done. It was on my 6 month plan, and I have 4 months to complete. This is part of the overall plan to get me where I need to be to be a great NSX SE. As with any other job I have ever done, I am pushing myself on the fast-track to be the best possible. I’ve heard there is an award for SE of the year. I want it. It will be mine.

I’ve already spent some time with customers, and gotten great feedback on the presentation, the product, and everything in between. I feel I made the right choice jumping on board with Team NSX. I can’t wait to see what all we have coming up!

If you have the opportunity to join Team VMware… Do. It. Run as fast as you can towards us. You won’t regret it.