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Let VMworld be open!


It is finally upon us. VMworld 2016 is in full swing. Sunday was a full day of great stuff. It was a day full of Opening Acts. The panels were chosen perfectly. Everyone who participated was great. The moderators also did a great job at keeping everyone on track and getting the good information out there.

Lunch was provided by the @vBrisket crew. They weren’t able to work out the logistics of making their own food, but the catering was fantastic. Lots of meat options, with some tasty sides.

The evening wrapped up (for me) at Nine Fine Irishman for the VMunderground Party. It was well worth the cost of the ticket, for sure. Some great food, drinks, and company. There is sure to be a lot of great stuff to come from VMworld 2016, so stay tuned!


Achievement Unlocked: VCAP5-DCA


Good News, Everyone!

Today, I sat and passed the VCAP5-DCA. This was my 2nd run at the exam. First time, I missed the mark by 5 points. This time, I found those 5 points… as well as 68 more. I feel like I did really well. I can’t thank the community enough for the support. Huge shout out to Joshua Andrews and his test track lab for giving me the opportunity to plan, learn, and cram. I truly don’t think I could have passed without it. If you’re going for the DCA, I HIGHLY recommend it.

There is now even better news on top of just another VCAP. I have now fulfilled all the pre-requisites for the VCDX submission. I’ve been slowly starting to pull my design together the past couple months. Now that the DCA and DCD are under my belt, the only thing in between me and my # is that silly application, acceptance, and defense stuff 🙂

Looking forward to some posts on the design / VCDX process, as well as hopefully a VCDX pass after a while. We’ll see!


My Top 10 Album List!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You didn’t ask me for this. Well, @h0bbel threw the gauntlet down in public a while back, and I have been bashing my head in ever since to answer back. I have finally figured it out. Or, at least, I am going with this iteration. I could have changed it around and in and out a million times. Well. Here we go!

10. Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

Really, in the mix for one of the best done albums of all time. Great tunes with a couple of dueling vocalists. Was the album to my summer before senior year (yes, I know this is giving away my young-er age. This entire list has some stuff only a 30-something could love).

9. Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold

If you haven’t heard this album, then give it a while and report back to the list. This group of musicians 100% know how to write an album. Hard, to easy, to…well… I can’t even begin to explain what “A Little Piece of Heaven” is. Have a listen for yourself. And this was one of (or the) last albums that The Rev was alive to record the drums for.

8. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II

Absolutely no explanation necessary. If you have to ask, “Why didn’t you choose the one with Stairway on it?” Then you need to move on. Just go.

7. Staind – Break the Cycle

I had a hard time choosing between Break the Cycle and Dysfunction. Their debut album is so raw and real. But god help me, I just love this album. Gave them a bit more studio polish to iron out their sound. And still before they went off the rails to the way lighter side for a couple albums.

6. Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?

I would give anything to go back in time in a DeLorean to see Hendrix live. I was really born in the wrong time. It would be impossible to have a list of mine without this album.

5. Breaking Benjamin – Phobia

I ranked them so high here due to their live shows. As a guitarist / musician of over 20 years, I value stage presence VERY high. Breaking Benjamin can throw down a show just as well as they can in a studio. And this is a great album.

4. Green Day – Dookie

Oh yes… My introduction to Punk Rock. I had a cassette tape of Basket Case that I recorded off the radio. I wore that tape OUT. Finally got this album, and it was actually my first CD. And it was the first album I taught myself on Guitar.

3. Slipknot – Slipknot

And since we just got through my intro to Punk and Rock, this was my jump off the cliff from Punk Rock to Hard Rock / Metal. This group changed the game. Some people call it noise. You show me any other group that can put 9 people on a stage and make brilliantly written music. It would be impossible. I am a fan of ANYTHING that Corey Taylor puts his hands on. Slipknot, Stone Sour, and his Solo CMFT stuff. Brilliant guy.

2. Incubus – Make Yourself

Oh, Incubus. Some of the greatest indy musicians gone mainstream. I could have put any of their albums on here, but this one is the one I listened to for basically a year straight. A great range of musical styles in here.

  1. Finch – What it is to Burn

I found Finch in the middle of High School. Great split guitarists, well produced, and an all around great album. Runs the gamut of a relationship from New Beginnings, through the fight (Project Mayhem) through the end (Ender). A really well done album. And they put on a killer show live.

Well. This is it. Going to publish it now. I know the second I do I’ll want to change it. It’s SO HARD TO DO THIS.


Time For A Change: Career Edition

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing this today. I will be leaving my current role as Sr. Virtualization Engineer for Dell Services. Over the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of working for one of the largest accounts for Dell Services. I was hired on as a Wintel engineer with a strong knowledge of VMware. From there, I quickly became the Principal Architect and SME for the VDI solution. I have also become the Infrastructure Lead. I owe a huge debt to my original hiring manager, as well as the Cloud Services manager that helped build me up to where I am today. I will be leaving one of the greatest team of people I have had the opportunity to work with.

As of April 18th, 2016, I will shift directions slightly. I will be joining the VMware NSBU as Senior Systems Engineer, NSX Enterprise. While a lot of the existing NSBU folks have a heavy background in networking, I will be bringing my heavy virtualization background to the table. I am greatly looking forward to the opportunity to dive head first into one of the coolest pieces of technology to hit the streets. I will be working alongside and under some of the most gifted minds in the industry. This is extremely exciting for me, and I cannot wait to start.

One of the biggest goals I have for my life and career is to learn all I possibly can. While I have a grasp of basic networking, this job will give me the opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone and on to the bleeding edge of a rapidly growing technology. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for NSX, and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you. Stay tuned!


Achievement Unlocked: VMware vExpert 2016!

The day has come! I have been working hard for the past year to try and get myself on the list. I really stepped up my blogging, community involvement, etc. And it paid off. I am officially a vExpert for 2016. Proud to have the moniker. I am among a list of great people in the community, and will do my part to do wear it well.  Congrats to all the other new vExperts, as well as the returning champions!



Quick Post – Work Update

So, there has been a LOT of changes going on at Dell Services recently. Maybe you have heard some rumors… While this is big news for my future at this current point, it doesn’t’ affect my daily work with my contract. What DOES affect my daily work is the staffing changes that have gone down. Due to recent team shifting and loss, I am drifting from the VDI lead to help and try to cover our Infrastructure Manager position. This gets me away from View and way more into overall Infrastructure Architecture. Host build outs, storage and network design, and the biggest project is our upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0. I hope to get a bunch of good blogs out of this transition. It’s not something I’m brand new too, but I have obviously been knee deep in Horizon for 2 years now. Gotta brush off some of the vSphere / vCenter skills. More to come. Sit tight!