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This selection is about Horizon Mirage infrastructure components.

Horizon POC: A Mirage on the Horizon

I have officially dove head first into a full Horizon Enterprise POC in the Lab. Up to this point, my only experience has been with Horizon View. I am glad to have the opportunity (and licensing) to give Mirage, Workspace, and AppVols a go. There should be several posts coming regarding my experiences.

I’m just going to start out with a HUGE shout out to @jshiplett for his Mirage Series at This was MORE than helpful during my install experience.

My initial plan was to set out and build it out to flip to production, when the time comes.  This would have had a separate server for each. I realize now that since Mirage is a fairly easy distributed platform, I can throw it all together in one server for now.  I have installed all the components into Mirage. I initially created two VDI in the Horizon View POC environment, and I have registered them into the Mirage environment. At this point, I have used one to create the reference CVD. My plan is to buy a 2-in-1 that I can use to test the P2V2P functionality, for disaster recovery. I’m sure I will have way more to update. Please send any info, words of advice, or links that you may have!