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My Face: VMworld 2017 Edition

Well, VMworld 2017 is officially a wrap! To make it official, the badge has been retired to the collection:

This was an extremely successful VMworld. I spent most of my time in the Hands-on-Labs area, working as a proctor. We cleared over 11k labs in under a week. That is fantastic.

Some of you may have noticed that I wasn’t out and around the conference anywhere near as much as I was in previous years. This is due to the HOL job. It really takes a LOT of work to make HOL go as well as it does. You need a lot of rest. Even though I was not physically around much, you may have seen my face quite a bit. I ended up showing up all over the place.

Let’s start with the stickers. Throughout the past year, Ariel has been asking for a high-res picture of my face. This is due to the running gag that I am “The Face” of vExpertNSX. Shortly before VMworld, I thought he was joking when he said I was going to be a sticker. This was, in fact, not a joke. These were passed out in Vegas, and a package is making it’s way to Barcelona for VMworld EU. Here it is in all it’s glory:

Now, it wasn’t just stickers. Thanks to Ronbecca and Rubrik, I am also a part of the #vAllStars trading card series!

If stickers and trading cards aren’t your thing, maybe you found a copy of the vTrail Map book. It is part of the new LevelUp Program that is being setup by Druva. Huge thanks to Yadin for getting the book put together. I am now the NSX Ambassador for the vTrail Map, which is a great book on all the different areas of VMware, and the best posts / videos to get started with:

So now we have stickers, trading cards, and books. That is all we have for the print media. But, that is just 2d renderings of my face. While I was not out and about much, I did find my way around a few times. I spent almost 7 full minutes in the VM Village talking to Tim Smith about… Can you guess the subject?… Of course you can. NSX of course!

And, in a final act of pure excellence, I made my way to the vBrownBag stage to deliver one of the many sessions that I had denied for the official session list. The session was called, “NSX: Out of the Box, and into Production!” This focused on the use cases for NSX, which one is the easiest to deploy, and then using vRNI to kick the process into overdrive. Check it out!

Well, that’s all I have. I had a great time, and got a lot done. I have also done an almost complete true-up on all the people I know from the community, but hadn’t met in person. It was great to meet so many of you in real life. Safe travels home to all!