Monthly Archives: August 2016

Let VMworld be open!


It is finally upon us. VMworld 2016 is in full swing. Sunday was a full day of great stuff. It was a day full of Opening Acts. The panels were chosen perfectly. Everyone who participated was great. The moderators also did a great job at keeping everyone on track and getting the good information out there.

Lunch was provided by the @vBrisket crew. They weren’t able to work out the logistics of making their own food, but the catering was fantastic. Lots of meat options, with some tasty sides.

The evening wrapped up (for me) at Nine Fine Irishman for the VMunderground Party. It was well worth the cost of the ticket, for sure. Some great food, drinks, and company. There is sure to be a lot of great stuff to come from VMworld 2016, so stay tuned!


Achievement Unlocked: VCAP5-DCA


Good News, Everyone!

Today, I sat and passed the VCAP5-DCA. This was my 2nd run at the exam. First time, I missed the mark by 5 points. This time, I found those 5 points… as well as 68 more. I feel like I did really well. I can’t thank the community enough for the support. Huge shout out to Joshua Andrews and his test track lab for giving me the opportunity to plan, learn, and cram. I truly don’t think I could have passed without it. If you’re going for the DCA, I HIGHLY recommend it.

There is now even better news on top of just another VCAP. I have now fulfilled all the pre-requisites for the VCDX submission. I’ve been slowly starting to pull my design together the past couple months. Now that the DCA and DCD are under my belt, the only thing in between me and my # is that silly application, acceptance, and defense stuff 🙂

Looking forward to some posts on the design / VCDX process, as well as hopefully a VCDX pass after a while. We’ll see!