Quick Post – Work Update

So, there has been a LOT of changes going on at Dell Services recently. Maybe you have heard some rumors… While this is big news for my future at this current point, it doesn’t’ affect my daily work with my contract. What DOES affect my daily work is the staffing changes that have gone down. Due to recent team shifting and loss, I am drifting from the VDI lead to help and try to cover our Infrastructure Manager position. This gets me away from View and way more into overall Infrastructure Architecture. Host build outs, storage and network design, and the biggest project is our upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0. I hope to get a bunch of good blogs out of this transition. It’s not something I’m brand new too, but I have obviously been knee deep in Horizon for 2 years now. Gotta brush off some of the vSphere / vCenter skills. More to come. Sit tight!