Home Lab: vSphere Infrastructure

Let’s continue on, yet again, into the continuing series of my home lab. This one should be pretty quick, but I should have done it a long time ago. My current vSphere / vCenter infrastructure.


I am running the VCSA 6.0U1 in my environment. It is running within the only physical cluster that I have. It is licensed with a 1-instance of vCenter Server Standard 6.X.


I am currently running 2 physical hosts running the Dell Customized ESXi 6.0U1 image. These hosts are licensed with a 6-CPU license of vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus. As I have 2 x Dual CPU hosts, I am only utilizing 4 of 6 CPU’s.


These two hosts are in the “Production” cluster. I have 23Ghz of processing, 64GB of RAM, and 1.01TB of storage. This is including local storage, labNAS, and labSSD NFS volumes.


The cluster is enabled with DRS and DPM, and all the other bells and whistles I could, except HA. I wasn’t able to enable HA and have DPM, as it couldn’t satisfy HA with a host in standby. I would rather save power than have HA due to the power bill.



All of my networking is vDS. I have 2 vDS’s for the environment. 1 is for all of my management and VM traffic. This vDS is linked with 2 x 1Gig NIC’s on each host to the layer 2 switch. The other vDS is setup for vMotion with simply a 1Gig x-connect between hosts (no layer 2 switch).



All of my VM’s are setup into a semi-neat organization. Based on infrastructure, type, etc.


I am going to start diving into my Horizon lab soon, and updating my hardware post as it said I only have 1 and I have 2 now. Stay Tuned!