Long live VCAP!


Good News, Everyone!

VMware has spent the past week releasing a 3-part blog series on the VCIX6 announcements. Tons of great info in here, including the news that VCAP’s weren’t going to be killed off after all. It was going to be a real bummer when you passed the Design or Deploy exam of the VCIX, only to NOT receive a certification credit without the other piece. In the same fashion as before, VCAP’s will exist in each track. The biggest difference here being nomenclature change from Administration to Deployment. So now you have Design and Deployment as the two VCAP exams. Once you pass both, you receive an extra designation of VCIX. VCIX is the only prerequisite for VCDX in each track.


They also released the beta blueprints for the new exams! Note that these can and probably will change a bit during the beta process, as they work out bugs.

They also are offering courses with Design and Deploy all rolled into one, geared towards each track’s associated VCIX certification:

Here is a rough schedule of what is to come in January. Look to be ready to go by late January if you are wanting to sit the exam. Just remember that with Beta’s, you don’t get the pass / fail right away. You generally have to wait until the beta’s are concluding.

  • New Certification and Exam web pages (early January)
  • Beta exam registration (early- to mid-January)
  • First beta appointment test-date (late January)

Happy Studying!