Home Lab: Windows Infrastructure

Continuing in no particular order, we have made it to Windows Infrastructure. Now, a lot of my service will run on Windows, such as the Horizon lab. I am not going to get in to that one. I am just going to go over infrastructure services in general. Let’s get this show on the road!

I decided to build my Windows infrastructure on 2008 R2 out of the box. Why, you say? So that I can go through a full infrastructure upgrade to 2012 at a later point. This was a strategic choice on my part, that I may or may not regret at a later date. We’ll see.

I have created an Active Directory domain (lab.local) and set it at 2008 R2 domain function level. My PDC is vtimdDC-01.lab.local. I have setup some basic OU’s for Servers and Workstations, with sub-OU’s for different functions.


I will use the virtual desktop and mirage desktop OU’s with separate GPO’s when those labs are finished building out to control their respective features, such as PCoIP performance tuning.

The domain controller is also running my DNS services for the lab. I have forward and reverse zones setup for all network segments. I am serving DHCP from the Cisco 2821 on the VDI DHCP sub-interface, so it is not being hosted on the domain.


Really the only other Windows infrastructure component I have at this time is the SQL server. It is also running on Windows Server 2008 R2. I am running SQL Server 2014 Standard. This is hosting databases for Horizon Composer, Horizon Error DB, and Pernix FVP so far. I’m sure it will expand as things grow.